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Auto Accidents

Most insurance plans, including PPO, Seton, Medicare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield are accepted at West End Chiropractic.


Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic After a Car Accident?

The short answer — yes! There are many avenues available to help cover costs of chiropractic care after a car accident. It’s usually just as easy to see a chiropractor under your insurance plan as it is to see your family doctor. There are insurance options used specifically for auto accidents. If available, auto insurance will be the first option to help pay for treatments. When auto insurance isn’t available, whether through the other driver’s policy or your own, your standard health insurance may be a fallback.

Auto Insurance Policies

If deemed “reasonably necessary,” most auto insurance will cover recommended treatments by a chiropractor. If injuries are severe enough, accident victims may need more than one visit per week for several months. Keep in mind that auto insurance companies will pay your bills after they have all been submitted, and not one-by-one as you make your way through treatment.

If you’re at fault for the accident, you’ll need personal injury protection coverage, or “PIP,” on your auto policy to have them help pay for treatment. If another driver was at fault, the treatments will need to be billed to their auto insurance company. Even if they only have liability insurance, medical expenses should be eligible for coverage.

PIP Policies

Personal injury protection policies are generally accepted at chiropractic clinics. PIPs can protect you against the costs of your medical bills even if you’re at fault for the auto accident. They can also cover expenses of other passengers in your vehicle.

Additionally, auto policies with PIP can pay for health insurance deductibles, lost wages due to the accident, lost jewelry, and services like childcare. Health insurance policies don’t account for these kinds of expenses.

Attorney Letters of Protection (LOPs)

A letter of protection is a document sent to a medical provider by the accident victim’s attorney. It’s an agreement that states the patient will pay their expenses out of the settlement they expect to receive after their case is over. LOPs allow auto accident victims to get treatment immediately, even if they don’t have cash available right away.

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West End accepts all the payment options listed here, and even offers adjustable payment plans. Don’t wait to get treated after an auto accident. Get the care you need right here at West End Chiropractic Clinic — see our available appointment times.

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